Flames of passion

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Flames of passion

Wonderfull bouquet of red roses.

Composition: 19 red roses, delicate packaging.

For whom: Red roses is the perfect gift for beloved woman. This bouquet is a classic, so it is suitable to be given to both men, for example, on the Jubilee, and women. It is advisable to give bouquet of red roses to people over 25 years.

On the occasion: A bouquet of roses is suitable for Valentine's Day, wedding anniversary, birthday. Also such a bouquet will be suitable for the anniversary of a beloved person. Roses are ideal for the expression of admiration, respect and love.

How to care: Before you put the flower into the water, the stems of roses should be cut a bit. Water for flowers to be changed every day. When the roses begin to fade, you need to put them
completely in cold water and leave for some time.

We need 3 hours to prepare your order

Price: 62 $  

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